Philips MASTER LEDspot



The design of PHILIPS MASTER LEDspot MV GU10 integrates a high power LED light source with an excellent thermal management solution. This replacement lamp provides the light intensity and quality produced by traditional halogen reflector lamps of 50 W. MASTER LEDspot MV GU10 is ideal for a myriad of applications including track lighting, general architectural and landscape lighting, display case fixtures and cabinet lighting, plus industrial OEM equipment lighting.

Design highlights
• 85% energy saving compared to standard halogen spots
• Long lifetime of 40,000 hours (B50, L70)
• Operates at 230 V AC and its form-factor is designed as a direct retrofit into all GU10 holders
• Dimmable
• Highly focused beam for a clearly defined beam spread
• CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
• Switching cycles at the rate of 30s ON/ 30s OFF = 50,000 cycles
• No UV and Cool Beam (no IR)
• Environmental friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances
• RoHS compliant

Application areas

PHILIPS MASTER LEDspot MV GU10 is designed for spot and general lighting applications in hospitality and retail industries. Unlike the conventional halogen reflector lamp, this GU10 lamp consumes only 5.5W power per lamp and has a long lifetime of 40,000 hours (or equivalent to 25 years if lit continuously for 4 hrs a day). It is compatible with existing GU10 holders and minimizes maintenance costs without any reduction in brightness.

Main focus areas are hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. They are especially suitable for accent lighting in public areas such as:
• corridors / stairway / washroom
• lobby / reception areas
• display racks / shop windows