LED bulb – 8718291753377



State-of-the-art LED for the home

Bright light that is easy on the eyes

State-of-the-art LED providing a general lighting solution for daily indoor activities. You’ll save on energy costs immediately and reduce the frequency of bulb replacements, without compromising on the quality of your lighting.

Simple replacement

  • Get maximum light output as soon as you flip the switch.
  • Designed to fit and work with existing sockets and fixtures.

Save on energy

  • Provides a bright white light

Longer lifetime

  • 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Sustainable choice

  • Safe for any room and convenient to recycle

Beacon of trust

  • You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying.


Bulb characteristics
•Shape: Standard (A67)
•Cap/fitting: E27
•Voltage: 220-240 V
•Dimmable: No

Power consumption
•Wattage: 14.5 W
•Wattage equivalent: 100 W

Light characteristics
•Light output: 1400 lumen
•Color temperature: 3000 K
•Light effect/finish: Warm White
•Color rendering index (CRI): 80

•Lifetime of lamp: 15000 hour(s)

Other characteristics
•Power factor: 0.7


Instant start
Immediate light when switching on, that is the promise of the Philips instant starting energy saving LED lamps.

Designed for homes
Comfortable light spaces can be created with Philips’ award-winning designs for compact and elegant bulbs.

No UV or IR
The beam of light is free of infra-red meaning no heat is radiated, and no ultra-violet light means that fabric and items under this light won’t fade.

Change bulbs less often
Long and reliable lifespan of up to 25 years, ensuring piece of mind especially for lighting in hard to access areas. Life in years is calculated based on 1000 hours of usage per year, which is about 2.7 hours per day across 365 days.

No hazardous substances
Philips LED lights contain absolutely no hazardous materials, making them safe for any room and convenient to recycle.

Superior light quality
Provides a bright white light